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released October 22, 2014



all rights reserved


DEAD END KIDS Peterborough, UK

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Track Name: Oppression
It's as if they enjoy brainwashing the masses
Their own people, the young and the vulnerable
You think they're on your side but they're corrupt pigs
who will do anything to deepen their duplicity

No more ambiguity
No more deception
No more mind tricks
And no more oppression

I do pity those who aren't sharp enough to see
They're being duped, but not you and me
We can see through the lies, we're not blind
and we'll never give them control of our minds

No more ambiguity
No more deception
No more mind tricks
And no more oppression
No more deception
No more aggression
No more oppression

Listen up:
You stupid fucking fools, you've just been misled again
You stupid fucking fools, when will you see the truth behind the cover story?
You stupid fucking fools, i suggest you listen to us because
we're not stupid we're not fools, and we'll never be for as long as we exist.
Track Name: Torn Apart
We were young, free and naive
We had nothing to lose
We could do what we wanted all day
Without giving a fuck about what people would say
This world of ours;
We had it conquered
Listening to no one
This was our time

It happened so fast
We were torn apart
There was nothing left
I was due to depart
Butterflies wouldn't leave my stomach
There was no going back
We'd both prayed this day wouldn't come
But it soon crept up on us
We tried to resist
But we were forced to conform

I wanted to tell you it'd be fine
But i couldn't bring myself to lie
I couldn't stand that look in your eye
I needed a place to hide
I was left devastated
And the distance between us grew
Until it was unbearable

I was suffering
I struggled to keep on track
But finally we were reunited
And you looked at me blankly, and i soon realised
I was a stranger to you now, i'd been replaced
You didn't even remember my face

All grown up; now i'm a man
With nothing to love but the fading past
No faith, no trust, no hope, no love
I am but a ghost with no substance
Where has my life gone?
Bitterness and hatred build up inside of me
As i sit in my desolate room
Staring into empty space, into nothing
Waiting to die
Track Name: Insignificance
Did i catch your eye
as i walked by,
Or am i just another nameless face?
I try to build the courage to talk to you
But i'm scared i'll be
knocked down like before
and i wonder to myself
am i worth your time?

I'm fucking sick of lying to myself
and i want to return to reality
I just wish you'd show some interest in me
Because it hurts feeling insignificant
I've tried so hard to forget you
But i never can, you're stuck inside my head
I've tried so hard to forget you

Another day goes by
and again i find myself
Lying alone in my room
in the middle of the night
Staring up at the ceiling
Doubting myself
Focussing on my flaws, on my imperfections
Repeatedly asking myself:
Do i ever run through your mind?

Do i ever run through your mind?
I'd like to know because you run through mine all the fucking time.